Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Must See

We went to see "Avatar" in 3D over Christmas break. We were absolutely entranced. Although the story is fairly predictable (Tinkerbell and Peter Pan join the Sierra Club, dance with wolves and take on George Patton) and despite the fact that there is some unsavory language in places, it was still a magical masterpiece. We were mildly concerned about the length, about 3 hours, but I don't exaggerate when I say we were never once aware of the time. I don't think I moved once in my seat, I was spellbound. If it weren't so expensive, we'd see it again and again! We give it 10 stars out of 5! It's that good!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post Christmas Catch-Up

For a number of reasons, I wasn't able to blog much during the holidays, but now I have the time and the technology at my disposal, so here's the recap! The reason for the season! We've had this set ever since Jess was a toddler and she would set it up herself and "play" with them all season.
This is our gingerbread cabin! It's 3 years old and still hanging in there. The dear woman who makes these is an accomplished artist with this medium. This year she had even more elaborate houses. I love the fact that she designed it so we could put lights on the inside of it. The little "white thing" in the window is a teeny tiny creche scene carved in ivory that we found at an import store years ago!

This scene is repeated every year! Well, the Christmas tree is different and so are the cards, but it's generally the same.

This is my favorite of all the ceramic Christmas decorations that Wally's Mom made for us. She was a consummate painter of detail. I wish you could see the faces. I keep adding "stuff" to the scene. This year I found birch trees (on the right) and fuzzy snow-covered firs (on the left in the back).

My puppy has a new Christmas hat. This little cutie has magnets in his feet so he sits on the lamp next to where I set on the couch. Our work schedule precludes having a real dog, so Wally bought me this several years ago.

The neighbors got a new ping pong table for Christmas. Let the games begin!

Christmas week was cold and clear. We walked along the bay one day and although it was warm in the sun, the frost still clung to anything in a patch of shade!

Christmas isn't Christmas without cookies. Jess decorated these for me. Great job!!

We had a surprise visit from our dear friends, Bekele and Trunish, who now live in Vancouver, BC. They originate from Dilla, Ethiopia. We hosted two men from this town for about 3 weeks in 1990. That was a fabulous experience!

This ornament was made for us in 1986 by our Japanese exchange student, Nami. She lived with us for 3 weeks and we became EXTREMELY attached to her. It was so, so difficult to put her back on the bus to the airport to go home. We have kept in touch all these years. She is now married and the mother of 2 teenage children and lives in Nara. I hope we can reunite with her some day!'s all folks!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's the Bearded One's 63rd Birthday!

And yes, Virginia, he does have a chin! Photo on the left is at age 2, photo on the right is age 17. Happy Birthday, Wally! You're cute as ever!