Sunday, April 9, 2017

Digging Their Way to China

McMinnville has a local heritage museum that hosts a variety of farm-related activities throughout the year.  Yesterday was the annual plowing match.  There were to be a total of about 20 teams plowing with horse and hand plow throughout the day, but we were only able to stay for a couple of hours first thing in the morning.  Storms had just rolled through so the ground was wet and the sky was wild and the light was fantastic.  I went crazy with my camera and I think I managed to catch the mood of the day.  

 Each person would plow in one direction and then turn their team and plow in the opposite direction.  Each plowed row is judged on how straight it is, how even the "curl" of plowed soil is turned and how even the depth of the curl is.  I thought plowing was a piece of cake...not so!
 See how "bumpy" his turned rows are?  The curl should like nice and flat and even.

 Some used horses and some used mules for their team.  I wish i could see oxen pulling a plow, that must be a sight.
 This is not a gender specific "sport".  I felt for this woman who was having a really difficult time getting her mules to obey her.  Ultimately she did and managed to plow a couple of decent rows.
 Here's another lady who must have some more experience, her rows were quite straight and even.
 There were also farriers, blacksmiths, and lace makers providing demonstrations of their "lost" arts.
 These women were working on beautiful and delicate lace creations.  Tatting is an amazing art, look at all those spindles of thread that have to be intricately twisted to form the patterns of their creations.  How in the world do you keep them all straight!

 She is making a doily, you can see the pattern she is working on.

 Another accomplished woman--her rows are not quite so straight,  but those are BIG horses to be handling!
 Look how deep his rows are, it's up to his knees.  It's a real art to guide the horse as it plows the row he's working on while  straddling  the row just plowed.  
 I love these huge horses, so majestic and graceful for their imposing size.

 This is one of my favorite pictures.  He's using "old technology" for plowing while using "new technology" for communication.  Old world meets new world!

 I love the light in this photo and this gentlemen was hands down the most accomplished plowman.  Look at how straight his rows are and how even the curl is compared to the other bumpy and uneven rows.  He's obviously done this for a large part of his life!

The little one room schoolhouse was open and two giggly young ladies dressed in period garb where holding down the fort.  This young lady decided to demonstrate old fashioned discipline!

I don't know who ultimately won the competition and observers were able to pick their own winners as well who would received the "People's Choice" award.  Guess I'll find out in Tuesday's paper!  It was a lovely morning for a step back in the past...especially for a farm girl at heart.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Home is Where the Heart Is

I've always wondered why killdeer build their nests in such vulnerable places where there is often lots of foot traffic.  They tend to pick parking lots or open fields and then they panic every time anything comes near.  Yesterday we took a long walk and came across this female and her nest.  The male was nearby but was a little slow in responding to her cries of alarm.  She's a lovely bird and I love her speckled eggs.  I hope her wee ones make it to hatching status.  But she is nesting right next to a parking lot.  Maybe she picked the spot because it's next to this:

 She was brooding when I walked up, I tried not to alarm her, but she was wary nonetheless

 Sounding the alarm

Pretty eggs.  Hope all 4 of them hatch successfully

Friday, March 3, 2017

Breakfast Served All Day

No birdies at the feeders this morning, Mr. Merlin is keeping them away.  He's camped out and hopeful.

Monday, February 13, 2017

High Time for High Tea

Our church ladies had a wonderful get-together last Saturday.  They called it the Valentines Day Accessory Exchange and Tea.  The tables were beautifully set with gorgeous tea cups and tiered plates of savories and sweets, including scones with Devonshire cream and raspberry jam.  I was in heaven.  

Each lady brought any of her accessories (jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.) that she no longer wanted or needed and received a ticket for each item she brought.  After the tea, they went "shopping" and used their tickets to "purchase" new things.  What a great idea.  I didn't participate in that part since I had jettisoned all my "extra" stuff in preparation for the big move and I didn't have my camer (I know, I know...when will I learn to start carrying it around), so I had to have someone take these on their phone and email them to me.  

It was declared a huge success by all and will be repeated again next year, so I'll take my camera next time!

Friday, January 27, 2017

You say tomaahto I say tomaaato

Wally:  methodical, organized......

Ridgely:  whatever...........

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"In the Bleak Midwinder"

It's almost winter solstice and it's dark much of the time.  I'm not a fan of darkness, so I seek light wherever I can get it.  So, I put up LOTS of lights for Christmas.  It takes a whole day to do it and probably longer to take it down, but it's a labor of love and Wally helps because he loves them too.  In our new abode we have lots of places to put things, but we still tend to fill the living room with most of them!  And we have several Advent calendars placed around the house as well, we are still little kids at heart and love opening new windows every day! Here's what we have so far, but we have so many rooms now, there is room for more accumulation...but where will we store it?  That's the rub!

Much of what we have are ceramic pieces made by Wally's Mom, Betty.  They are all lit in various ways which doesn't show up very well unless it's dark!  Their charm is the truly masterful job of painting she did on each piece.  The detail is incredible and only fully appreciated when you slow down long enough to REALLY look at them.  I am in awe of her talent.  She passed her fine motor skills on to her son.  I DO NOT have these skills, I am terrible at doing anything that requires a steady hand and tiny detail.  So these pieces are particularly special to me.  

Here's a peek at what we have so far!  We just got our tree yesterday, so that still needs to be decorated!

This is one of our favorite Advent "calendars".  Each stocking or mitten has a small ornament inside.  Someday it may go to a grandchild! 

Some of the ornaments inside!

 This little tree sits on my sewing table and can been seen from outside...a little light for others to enjoy as well!

 This is one of our other favorite Advent calendars.  It's a Victorian Village scene and each day you add a new building to the village!

 The reason for the season!

 We found this wonderful guy at the Goodwill in B'ham.  We were hesitant to buy anything else when we knew we'd eventually be moving, but his face was too wonderful to pass up!

McMinnville has a strong Christian presence.  It's not politically incorrect to talk of God or Jesus in public and there is evidence of Him everywhere like this lovely evergreen cross we found at a local nursery.

There is such detail in this, I wish you could see it.  The blanket is painted in plaid, the faces are amazing and I love the little bow she added to the horse!
The best part of this santa house is what's inside!   
 You'll have to come visit and peek inside yourself to see all the treasures inside.  There's Mrs. Claus and Santa himself sitting and resting after his long journey, and presents around the tree!
 View from the front door.

 Dining room
 Part of the kitchen
 My little Norwegian guy that I bought at a craft fair about 30 years ago!  Too bad I didn't move the dish soap container before I took this!

Betty's church and our little nativity that we bought from Sears when Jessi was just a wee one.  It was inexpensive and we wanted her to be able to "play" with it.  It's still intact, evidence that she was a careful child!  :)

Welcome to Christmas at our place!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Your Cheatin' Heart

Remember the "olden days" when you ate at a nice restaurant and your place setting looked like this:

Over time, casualness dictated that life be simplified and your place setting might look like this:

But life got busier for all of us and soon your place setting looked like this:

Mother Goose told all and let us know that the fork ran away with the dish.  The dish is missing, but when we open our napkins, we find this:

So, it must have been the salad fork that took off with the dish.  And what else is missing?  Jealousy has reared its ugly head and the spoon has also taken off.

They have begun a life of their own and now there are three--the fork, the spoon and their wee one, the spork:

And that, my friends, is why you never get a spoon with  your cutlery "package" in restaurants anymore.  The end.