Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So Long...It's Been Good To Know Ya....

Today was my last official day as a permanent member of the Sehome High School Staff! After 14 years at Sehome, and 23 years with the Bellingham School District, I hung up my librarian's glasses' holder and rode off into the sunset...well, not really, the sun doesn't set till almost 10:00 pm this time of year, so metaphorically speaking.

The role of libraries has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  When I first started this career way back in 1991, the internet was just working its way into the school system.  Computers used floppy disks and "connecting" to the internet was iffy business.  We still had card catalogs and I relished filing all those cards in their respective places and searching through them for just the right book for the topic at hand.  It took me and the other librarian at least 5 years before we could bring ourselves to "surplus" those card catalogs.  If I remember correctly, we both shed a few tears as we dumped those cards in recycle bins.  Now libraries are "information centers" often comprised of more computers than books.  Reference sections are a thing of the past and Wikipedia is the new World Book.  I am not complaining about technology, but I confess I mourn the passing of microfiche, card catalogs and magazine stacks.  Research in the "olden days"  was like a treasure hunt and I LOVED it.  It's time for me to move on and let the young folks who are comfortable with multiple computer screens, twitter and the multitude of non-print options to take over.

But....I didn't leave quietly!  There were parties and dinners and hugs and good wishes and so many, many ways that people made me feel special and appreciated....and I am humbled.

There was the dinner put on by the District with a surprise visit by Jessi that was organized in secret by my good friends Lynn and Jill.  

Then there was the fun-in-the-sun-down-by-the-bay soiree with all my fellow classified staff members 

complete with lovely plants and cards and too generous gift cards

I loved this clever gift my friend, Peggy, created.   This "book" is full of discs that has each person's photo on it with a sentiment on the back--.look at the closeup of the inside and the great library theme my creative friend put together.  This is a real treasure to me!

Then my dear friend Leslie met me for dinner and gave me even more treasures...she knows me well...there are "freeze and reuse" ice cubes for my iced tea, a journal for jotting down my thoughts-- now that I have time to have some-- and nibbles so I don't have to get out of my chair to satisfy those hunger pangs!

And as if this were not enough, today I received more cards and treats

People all week have asked me how I "feel" since this is my last day.  Truthfully, it feels no different than at any other "end of the school year".  I don't think the reality will hit home until fall when I don't have to make lunch to take every day, my least favorite part of working full time!

And I'm looking forward to whatever He has in store for me now that my options are open....stay tuned!