Monday, September 27, 2010

The Country Mouse Goes to the City

I got back late Sunday night from a wonderful 3-day weekend with Jessi. She invited me to attend the Selah Women's Conference at George Fox Univ. on Saturday, so I took a personal day on Friday and rode the rails to Portland, arriving mid-afternoon. We managed to "tour Europe" by stopping and nibbling chocolate and gelato as we window-shopped and checked out some of the chic restaurants and cafes in downtown Portland. We met Josh for dinner at La Provence restaurant in Lake Oswego where I had one of the best meals in my vast experience (I do love to eat out!). I ordered duck confit with fig and pomegrenate sauce served over garlic mashed potatoes. Divine doesn't begin to cover it. Our maitre d' was genuinely French and charming, the ambience was totally French cafe and came complete with a delightful pair of musicians who were adept at guitar and bass and played jazz while we dined. Could I ask for more?

Saturday's conference was packed...900 women of all ages, and the speakers were (for the most part) were very good...challenging thoughts, attitudes, actions. We were finished by 4:30 pm or so when Josh met us and we took off for Corvalis to meet Rachel and attend the autumn festival and hopefully catch up with friend Jenny. We managed to catch her just as she was closing up her booth to head home.

Unfortunately we missed the arts and crafts part of the festival which we thought went on until 9 pm, but alas, only the dancing in the street was on the schedule for after dark. We met Rachel at American Dream pizza and dined on the rooftop with yet more music.

This pizza parlor has a claim to fame as Obama chose to use it as one of the spots for his campaign forums.

Afterwards we stopped next door in "Tuscany" to have gelato!

Sunday we were up early and off to church at Imago Dei and then "breakfast" at The Screen Door,

an extremely popular spot to eat where the food is so good people are willing to stand outside for up to an hour for seating. Fortunately we didn't have to wait that long, but the food was worth whatever wait may have been necessary. They are famous for their sweet potatoe waffles with 3 very crispy pieces of fried chicken perched on top and an impressive knife holding it all together. Josh ordered a similar version that came with biscuits and gravy. Jessi pulled out the book that Josh made as part of his "proposal package". Too cute!

We had one last stop to make before it was time for me to catch the train back to Bellingham. We stopped at Multnomah College to visit Scott, one of my home church's favorite parishoners, who is currently in his freshman year there. It was a treat to see him doing so well and settling in.
All too soon, it was time to head home. It was a special weekend full of special people. Thanks Jessi and Josh for making me feel so loved!