Monday, February 13, 2017

High Time for High Tea

Our church ladies had a wonderful get-together last Saturday.  They called it the Valentines Day Accessory Exchange and Tea.  The tables were beautifully set with gorgeous tea cups and tiered plates of savories and sweets, including scones with Devonshire cream and raspberry jam.  I was in heaven.  

Each lady brought any of her accessories (jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.) that she no longer wanted or needed and received a ticket for each item she brought.  After the tea, they went "shopping" and used their tickets to "purchase" new things.  What a great idea.  I didn't participate in that part since I had jettisoned all my "extra" stuff in preparation for the big move and I didn't have my camer (I know, I know...when will I learn to start carrying it around), so I had to have someone take these on their phone and email them to me.  

It was declared a huge success by all and will be repeated again next year, so I'll take my camera next time!