Thursday, October 1, 2009

Enduring Friendships #4

Prayer Availeth Much
These are my two dear friends and sisters in the Lord, Jill and Cheryl. We work at the same high school. (Sherry: Cheryl is Tom Beaumont's sister....I worked here for 8 years before I figured that out!) We work in a difficult environment, it can be quite negative at times. Last year began on a dark and discouraging note. Communication between staff and administration was non-existent and our enemy was having a field day dividing and conquering. It seemed a hopeless situation, but our Father relishes in these times because only He can accomplish anything when man comes to the end of his own devices. So we ladies buckled down and met once a week at 6:30 am to pray for our school and for those individuals who were bound and determined to create chaos. You already know the end of this story because there "is no shadow of turning with Him" and he brought about the changes in hearts that were needed to bind this staff together again. It was nothing short of miraculous. I wish I could say it was perfect--it's not, we still have those who are determined to be negative at every turn, but at least communication has been restored and those who are determined to be positive generally have the upper hand. Nothing is impossible with Him!


Sherry said...

That's cool, Ridge, to put faces with the names we hear about from time to time. Thanks!

Christina said...

this is a beautiful and faithful post.
: )