Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Death of the Library...or Why My Job Isn't Fun Anymore

"The profession I chose...belongs to the past except in the minds of those who truly loved it and mourn its tragic demise. Even the educational path upon which it is based has become all but unrecognizable. What was once called library science now has a trend-driven hocus-pocus name, something like 'informational studies.' A library that is respectably up to date is no longer a temple dedicated to the guardianship of books or a sanctuary for the hallowed art of reading. No. A library is a zone of cyberkinetic values, a brain as viewed by the cold, lizardly pathologist: a numbingly gray place, of systems and wiring, of knowledge-related transactions that may or may not...require the use of books." from THE WIDOWER'S TALE by Julia Glass

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