Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peggy Had A Party

Each of our local high schools employs a campus monitor, someone who is responsible for keeping kids in tow, in class and in line.  At the high school where I was employed Peggy was our campus monitor.  She is a 5'2", red-headed, Irish Catholic born and raised in Boston, MA.  Do not let her size fool you; her unique blend of tough-love and genuine care for the kids has won them over.  For the most part, they desire to please her and it usually only takes a raised eyebrow from Peggy to stop any "issues" from escalating.  

Peggy and her husband live on a tiny lot situated on a hill on the south side of Bellingham.  They have managed to turn that small lot into a cozy, homey place to gather and for an end-of-summer party she invited me and the office staff from our high school for a homemade, wood-fire pizza party.  Her husband has built a wood-fire oven in their front yard

 right next to the grape-covered arbor that holds the table and chairs for their guests.

Peggy is a gourmet pizza maker and we had our choice of 5 different pizzas:  pesto/chicken/onion/roasted pepper/mozzarella
 red sauce/salami/onion/roastedgarlic/mozzarella
 white sauce/chicken/veggies'feta
 white sauce/vegies/mushrooms/pesto/mozzarell
 and for dessert fig/walnut/caramelized onions/walnuts/brie.  Oh my gosh, I ate way too much, but one has to try them all.

First you have to toss the dough

Then you have to add the toppings, not too much or it won't slide off the paddle very well

Then you need to get it ready to slide it into the brick lined oven that has been going for hours till it's just the right amount of hotter than....

Time to slide it in...it only takes a few minutes to cook at this temperature

Everyone is hungy and ready to eat!

Umm, there are no photos of the finished product, I was too busy eating!  It was so delicious; it was enough to put hair on your....face!


Sherry said...

Very fun post, my friend! Mauri bought a tiny pizza oven, but we have yet to perfect the process. We'll keep trying; this is inspiration.

Les Hon said...

What a great party! Those pizzas sound delish!