Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving That Can Last All Year

What a glorious day it was yesterday, the day America celebrates Thanksgiving.  My day started off with a view of this

I was enjoying watching the many different birds that frequent our feeders in the backyard, when I saw something VERY BIG fly by the bushes in the back.  It was too quick for me to identify it, but then it flew behind the building in the back, so I  tip-toed out the back door and peeked around the corner of the building and there was this owl sitting on the cross bar of the pole that holds up the old clothesline.  I decided to run back to get my camera and when I came back it had moved into the trees.  I zoomed in, clicked my tongue so it would look at me and snapped this shot.  This is a Barred Owl.  I think this is one of a pair that hang out in the park across the street from our home.  I often hear them calling to each other a night.  

Then I opened up my email and saw this wonderful email from one of the missionaries our church supports and I thought it encapsulated my sentiments exactly, so I'm quoting it here:

We have much to be thankful for as we reflect on who God is and what he has done. We just invite you to share in these Thanksgiving reflections.
Thank You Lord…

For Salvation in Jesus Christ. For being adopted into the family of God. That our sins are forgiven. For sending the Holy Spirit to be your continual presence in our lives. For your steadfast love  that never ceases. For the sufficiency of your Word to equip us for every good work. The refuge we find in you that is certain and strong. For your mercies that are new every morning. For the difficulties that you allow into our lives that cause us to cling to you more. That you have promised to never leave us or forsake us. That you have called us to be your ambassadors. That you have committed to us the Ministry of Reconciliation. That we have been be a part of solid churches with Biblical teaching. That we have had the privilege to grow up in a free country. For physical provision our whole lives. We’ve never had to go to bed hungry for lack of food. For the blessing of our daughter and son-in-law that you have entrusted into our care that they love you and are growing in their walk with you. For good health.

Great start to my day and it only got better.  We headed down to Des Moines, south of SeaTac, to meet up with Jessi and Josh who were heading up from OR and to congregate with Wally's extended family.  We had a great time reconnecting with nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and sisters et al.  

The "hors d'oeuvres"

Brother and sister, Traci and Jeff, from Seattle and Vancouver, WA

Step-father and son-in-law, Paul and Steve

 Wally's youngest sister, Terry (from Everett), Jessi and Josh

Terry and Traci

A spirited game of Apples to Apples, we had a blast playing this!

Intense concentration...which one to choose?

Wally's other sister, Kris (it's the cabana at her and Paul's condo that we are meeting at), her daughter, Traci, and her grand-daughter, Mylee

Jeff is winning so far

And the piece de resistance, turkey and all the trimmings!

A wonderful, wonderful day, so very much to be thankful for every day!


Les Hon said...

What a wonderful day!

Sherry said...

If I couldn't be where I was I'd want to be where you were.