Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Deer Vs. Man

When we first moved into this place, I began formulating plans for our yard and the wonderful vegetable garden I was going to put in the raised bed. 

 I was so excited to think that we were done with the deer issue....wrong.  I think we'd only been here 3 days when I glanced out the breakfast nook window and there were 3 deer staring back at me.  Drat.....this was a problem. Our yard is fenced in with chainlink, but they are only 3' high, no problem for deer who are agile jumpers. And we are not allowed to put in higher fences.   So we began thinking about what we could do to discourage them from jumping from one yard to another.  

Phase One:

Wally decides we'll put up bird netting on the west side of the house. There are arborvitae planted there, but they have not "filled in" so they leave lots of gaps just the right size for deer to squeeze through. 

 So we secured metal rods  to the fence posts and then cut the netting to size.

Then we attached the netting to the poles and voila...we have an 8' "fence"!

We don't have to worry about the north side, the arborvitae have filled in there and made a nice impenetrable and high barrier.

And we discovered this robin's nest while we were busy working out there.  You can't see her sitting on her eggs, she's done such a superb job of putting her nest where you really can't see it well from any direction!

Now for the south and east sides....stay tuned for Phase Two.

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