Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Free Time"

It's been a month since we've had a Saturday to ourselves! This morning I'm up early, preparing a sumptuous breakfast of sausage, vegies and fried eggs. Along with that I will have some delicious "French pressed" style coffee made with the handy dandy Aero Press coffee making system given to me on my 60th birthday!

Whenever we are in the Portland area, Mauri and Sherry Macy graciously allow us to stay in their lovely home. Mauri is a consummate coffee geek who roasts and grinds his own beans and then makes these to-die-for coffee concoctions that spoil me for any other for weeks afterward. So imagine my delight when I received this Aero Press coffee press last May from Mauri and Sherry. Now I can enjoy the special treat of REAL coffee on Saturday mornings. It has become a ritual of sorts! After making a cup I settle in with the paper, my current book, and the classical music station and I'm good to go until the bearded one arises from slumber.


Les Hon said...

now I'm hungry... : (

Sherry said...

Hey should have linked to because I posted OUR breakfast! You know what "they" say about minds that run down the same tracks. Thanks for this fun reminder of your visits to Newberg.