Monday, April 27, 2009

It Takes A Village

The very best part of my job is interacting with the various kids who consider the library "home away from home", or as is often the case, their ONLY home. We make our library a fun, safe place for kids who tend not to "fit in" in other social situations. These kids are my VERY FAVORITE ones. Here's a group shot of the self-named "freaks" who spend the first part of their school day with us. Delaney (dead center, front row) is the most kind-hearted young lady you can imagine and she has an incredibly difficult life. Look at those eyes...they say it all!


Sherry said...

I LOVE this post! Thank you for this peek at your day and the students who get to hang out with you.

Jessica Whitaker said...

I love them!! See...and you think you don't make a difference...silly Mom!!

Jessica Whitaker said...

You know left me this incredibly sweet tribute on my birthday, I think you need to tribute yourselves, you and Daddy since you've been married for 27 years of marriage...I think it's more tribute worthy than just managing to keep oneself alive for 25 years :)