Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring and Then Some

It has been a long, long winter in our corner of the Pacific Northwest. Spring has teased us several times over the last 6 weeks, only to retreat as cold winds and plunging temperatures moved in to set up camp for a little longer. But I think I can safely say that spring may really, really have arrived. How do I know? Well, one sure sign is more than one cloudless, sunny day in a row. And last week we had just that. In fact, we had many days of sun and temps in the 60's in a row. Doors and windows were flung open. People were giddy and took to the streets and parks. Why I even donned sandals without--gasp--SOCKS last week. This is the first time my lil' doggies have seen fresh air since last October!

And....I was able to hang my clean sheets on the line to dry in the SUN!
And the tulips in Skagit Valley are finally blooming. Even though we go down to see the fields every spring, it never ceases to thrill my heart to see pink, yellow, purple and red stretched as far as the eye can see. Why is that? I have my theory that it's vindication for my nursery school/kindergarten days when I spent too many hours in the "thinking chair" because I didn't color my pictures the proper way. Well, who says grass has to be green? Where's your imagination I ask? Skagit Valley is living proof that God thinks wide bands of bright colors are A-OK!

Follow the yellow brick road!

There are "rebels" everywhere! :)


Les Hon said...

:D Lovely!!

Sherry said...

All beautiful pics, beautiful scenery, yet my favorite is the clothesline shot. Takes me right back to my childhood, a simple and happy time indeed. I'm swiping it for my collection. =)