Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Budget Fallout

Another victim of our local school district budget cuts was our library advocate at the district level. Ann Reed was Director of Library and Media, but her job has been eliminated altogether. We no longer have an active voice in the "instructional" side of technology use. It would seem logical that schools + technology (should ) = instruction. Sadly, 'tis not always the case. The future of school libraries is uncertain, many districts across the nation have eliminated librarians altogether. We only hope that this recent move is not a step in that direction.

We had a grand send off for Ann on Monday evening featuring an international potluck and a good time for all. I believe it was the only time all of the school librarians and the assistant librarians have all been together in one place! John, my partner in crime, is in the front row, left side...gray's from having to work with me! :)

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