Wednesday, June 17, 2009

House Warming

I've been watching and waiting for a few weeks to see if the chickadees that were deliberating about housing choices had actually made a decision between these two choices :

Sure enough they have made their choice :
So much for the "official" chickadee birdhouse purchased from the wildlife store! For the past few weeks the Mom has been nest-sitting, spending most of her days in this little box, while the Dad spent his days finding bugs and other such delicacies to bring to her. But the babies have hatched and now they are both very busy bringing food to their wee ones. I can hear them peeping so there are at least 2 of them if not more. I am hoping they will make it to flying stage and that the cat next door won't make a meal out of them. In the meantime, I greatly enjoy watching them. It's taken me two years to catch this photo. They are so fast they are in and out of that house before I can push the shutter button, so this pic is a miracle!

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