Friday, September 11, 2009

....And We Are the Sheep of His Pasture

I have a sheep fetish. They please me on many levels: they are cute, their wool provides me with endless opportunites to create lovely and wearable objects and God picked them as a metaphor for His people. It's an apt metaphor, to be sure. Sheep are basically incapable of dealing with life without a shepherd. Get the drift? I have many, many photos, paintings and knick knacks that feed my fetish, and now I have another Ryan McKenna designed quilt just finished! Baaaaa


Les Hon said...

That is beautiful!! Ridgely, you do amazing work!!

Sherry said...

A work of art! And you make it sound so easy.

Ridge said... dears. Really and truly this is so easy. Trace the pattern onto fusible web, cut it out, iron in onto the background fabric...the batik fabric does ALL the work!