Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Every Morning

Blue morning glories have quickly become my favorite flower in my garden. Blue is such an unusual color in flowers and these beauties exemplify it. But it's not just their color that delights me, it's also the fact that they are a perfect spiritual metaphor!

These flowers can only produce blossoms when grown in poor soil--they are completely dependent upon their vines and the sun to reach their full glory. Each blossom is absolutely breathtaking in its perfection, I can easily see why Georgia O'Keefe used them so frequently as a subject for her art.

But the metaphor doesn't stop there! These flowers only last one day. They open with the rising of the sun and then they close and fade with the onset of twilight. They have just enough energy for today. As the sun rises the next day, a whole new set of blossoms bursts forth! Like God's mercies they are new every morning as He provides us with just what we need for the task at hand.

It's true, you know. We are without excuse, as His glory surrounds us every day. We cannot say, "we never knew!"

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