Monday, November 1, 2010


It's been five long weeks since I've had any time to myself.  Between work at school, Saturdays at Stoney Ridge and church, Sunday school and small group on Sundays, I've just been a blur as I have moved from one commitment to another.  Yesterday I had a blissful 3 whole hours to myself.  I lit all my collected lanterns, made a cup of Murchies No. 10 blend, finished reading Elizabeth Goudge's PILGRIM INN and started Jan Karon's newest book, the second in her "Father Tim" series. 

I first discovered Jan Karon at the public library when I randomly picked up AT HOME IN MITFORD from the shelf and read the blurb:  small town life, quirky characters and a dog...I was hooked.  This was long before her books started to make The New York Times Bestseller list.  I was completely captivated by the charm of her writing, so much so that I wrote her a 4 page letter.  This is only the second letter I've ever written to an author, the first was at the age of thirteen when I wrote to Albert Payson Terhune who wrote those treasured books about Lad and the other collies and dogs that were a part Sunnybank.  I read everything he ever wrote.  Sadly, dogs have never been an actual part of my life, but they have certainly inhabited my dreams and maybe someday.....dream will become reality!

In the meantime, three hours of bliss, what a treasure.

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Flower said...

Ahhhh..some time to yourself..and a book by Jan Karon! I can't think of a better author to read! I love how she spins a character. I feel like I know the people she talks about and Father Tim is so likeable. Your post is wonderful!