Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The weather this past week has been wild.  First the snow, then the Arctic Blastand fierce winds that have kept the temperatures in the 20's and teens.  I love snow....when I don't have to drive to work in it at 6:45 am. when there is no way to get to my work place without having to navigate several steep hills, some of which have traffic lights strategically placed in the middle of them...such fun.  But we survived, as did the 2 hummingbirds who are still frequenting my feeders.  I had to take the feeders in at night to keep them from freezing and then put them back out in the morning.  I can't imagine how they survived the frigid night and 50 mph winds that blew last Monday, but they did!  The weather was supposed to break by Thanksgiving Day.

The Plan for Thanksgiving Day:  drive south to Des Moines, WA, to have dinner with extended family.  I was to bring sweet potato souffle and cranberry salad. 

The Reality of Thanksgiving Day:  4" of new snow on top of ice as the "Arctic Blast" kept the temperatures in the 20's.  We decided that what would now become a 6 hr. drive down and back was not going to work and we chose to stay home instead.  But....we have nothing but the potatoes and the salad to eat.  What to do....what to do.  Well, Fred Meyer is always open on Thanksgiving, so we made a quick trip to the store and purchased a Tur-Duk-Hen!  Ready to cook!  And....a marionberry pie on sale for $1.99.  Can't beat that.  Along with the potatoes, the salad and a glass of Sparkling Apple Mango Cider, our meal was complete!

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Flower said...

You had a gourmet Thanksgiving! The road going south had heavier traffic and was a mess. You did good to stay in and make your own day..thanks and all!