Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This summer has been a flower's delight with endless warm, sunny days.  Here's a sampling of what's growing in my "garden".  I'm limited to container gardening where I live, but over the years I've found most things will thrive in containers given enough sun and water.  

The shade garden

One of my favorite plants, the black-eyed susan vine

Calabrachoa, creeping charlie, geraniums, lobelia and the wonderful Amazing Grace sign that my friend, Jill, gave me for Christmas a few years ago

My other favorite plant, the blue morning glory which is just now starting to bloom--it takes 60-90 days from planting before they flower but this will soon be covered in these glorious blue blossoms for months to come

English Ivy will take over a garden, so I planted it in a container and let it have its way on my garden shed...the drift wood is an addition we picked up (literally) from Birch Bay after a big storm

I've trained it to the other side of the shed and around an old wooden window that I found in the trash!

Geraniums, lobelia, and "do dads"

Basil, Rosemary, Italian Heather, raspberry busy

Another of my favorites, blue nigella; I prefer its common name "Love In A Mist" and when it's finished blooming it makes these interesting dried pods

The begonia, I dry the tubers every winter and then stick them in dirt in the spring and voila, instant gorgeous blooms year after year

Another of my favorites, heuchera, they come in so many colors 

Sedum, just getting ready to bloom a lovely shade of pink that will gradually turn to a dark magenta... the bees adore this plant

Blogger keeps changing the orientation of these photos and I can't seem to correct it so sorry these are not aligned correctly.  This is the sedum bowl I used one of my retirement gift cards to create.  Check out the blossom that has opened on one of the starts I bought!

My friend, Lynn, gave me an old hiking boot to use as a planter for some of the starts I purchased

And now I just sit back and enjoy it all when I'm hanging out on my patio.  Summer in the Pacific Northwest, you can't beat it!


Les Hon said...

Beautiful!! I love that black-eyed susan vine!

You have made such lovely garden vignettes...Good work!

Sherry said...

I see it's your fault I can't grow a stick much less a flower. You got all the green thumbs in the family. Glad to see the pictures if I can't see/smell your garden in "person."