Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walk A Mil (or more) In My Shoes

In 1987 the "back problems" I had been dealing with for 20+ years came to a head.  A ruptured disc sent me to the operating room and I came out with less disc, less pain (hallelujah) and a numb ankle and foot.  There was nerve damage when the disc squirted into my spinal column; the surgeon said the nerve might come back but that it was quite "withered".  As soon as I got home from the hospital I began an ongoing walking routine.  For the past 27 years I have walked an average of 15-20 miles a week, rain or shine.  Initially I walked around my neighborhood or through the park across the street from our home.  When I started working at a local high school, I walked the school track at lunch.  But about 15 years ago the Port of Bellingham created a 3 mile sidewalk that circumvents the harbor and every summer I would head down to the harbor early in the morning and enjoy this 3-mile "trail".  Want to come with me?  Here's a sampling of what I see on my journey:
This is where I start.  This is the "leisure" side of the harbor, full of leisure boats that, as far as I can tell, rarely leave the harbor!

More leisure boats and a lovely bank of black-eyed susans, the port has done a wonderful job of planting perennials all around the harbor.

This is looking north, the building in the distance is the Squalicum Boat House, a popular venue for weddings and such.  Soon I will be "over there"!
This is looking south, these docks are in front of the Bellwether Hotel.  There are often very large, very elaborate yachts moored here.  A few weeks ago there was one large and ostentatious yacht parked here--it's name was "A Pastoral Call."  Pretty tacky!

 This is the Hotel Bellwether

This is the exit channel for the harbor, there's a fishing boat heading out for the day

This is the "honeymoon suite" for the Bellwether Hotel, seems just a bit too public for my taste!

Now I'm heading back East, I'm circling back to where I've just been.

I love the flowers that the Port has planted all around this harbor.  Here is some Russian Sage, some Coneflower, Black-Eyed Susans

Lovely Coneflower

And you can even exercise if you're so inclined!

I'm on the opposite side of the Bellwether, next to the Squalicum Boat House...someone forgot to tell these Canadian Geese that they are fresh water birds!

Unfazed by humans!  They leave their "calling cards" all over the sidewalks!
More of the lovely flowers around the walk
 Now we're looking East, that's the honeymoon suite at the Bellwether and Mt. Baker in the distance

Despite the romance of the open sea, fishing is a dangerous livelihood.  Most of the large fishing boats from Bellingham ply the waters of Alaska and many who leave don't come back.  This is the tribute to those who left for Alaska and never came home.

We're half way there,. that's Lummi Island to the right in the distance and you can just vaguely see the Olympic Mountains in the far distance.  We'll finish up tomorrow!

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Sherry said...

Beautiful! I think I need to come walk this trail with you.