Friday, August 8, 2014

Music By the Bay

We Pacific N'orwesters wait all year for these golden days of summer.  And this year's summer has been particularly long and wonderful.  I don't recall another year with so many days of full sun and warm temperatures.  Bellingham celebrates summer with multiple outdoor music venues throughout the city.  Every week there is a huge concert at Boulevard Park; Elizabeth Park (a smaller neighborhood park) hosts another weekly concert and there is a weekly jazz event in the commons next to the Bellwether Hotel.  After the long months of dark and drizzle we use any excuse to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Last week we stopped in at the concert at Boulevard Park.  It was warm enough even after sunset to sit in the breeze and enjoy the music and do some people watching.

View from the top of the "tower stairs" heading down into the park

Now this is the way to go--park your own boat next to the beach and enjoy your cocktails while you enjoy the music!

I can remember a time when we could go to a public event and run into lots of folks we knew--not so anymore...who are all these people and where did they come from?  

We're being watched!  That's not a plane, it's a drone which spent its time hovering around the crowd and taking my picture while I'm taking its picture!

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