Sunday, August 3, 2014

Walking the Talk...

Sorry, didn't quite make it back to this post in just a day, life happens! So, where was I?  

Now we're looking north and we're on the "business" side of the harbor.  Initially this harbor was all about the fishing industry, there were hundreds of fishing boats and there were dozens of cold storage and canning facilities--this place was bustling.  Forty years ago the Boldt Decision gave the Native American tribes rights to their fair share of the fish harvest.  As a result of this decision and the over-fishing that took place for decades that lead to poor runs of salmon, the fishing "industry" in Bellingham virtually collapsed.  There are still fishermen who make a large portion of their yearly income through fishing, but most local fishermen ply the waters for crab.    For salmon, Alaksa has become the new hot spot. 

Crab pots waiting for next season!

Now we're looking east across the harbor from where I started.  The houses on the hill are on Eldridge Avenue, a section of older, stately homes with great water views....and the trains that roar by regularly just down the hill from them!  I've noticed that the engineers seem to take particular delight in blowing their horns for a much longer time at night!  

Some more of the ports lovely landscaping

I love the grasses that they have planted.

And we're right back where we started.  Thanks for coming along!

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Sherry said...

I'm exhausted! But much richer for the experience. Thank you.