Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bygone Days

It's been a long, long time since I posted anything here.  It's not for lack of subject matter, as in times past.  We've had lots of adventures, but it seems like we never stay home long enough for me to post anything.  And it's not a speedy have to be re sized on camera to post-able size, then uploaded, then edited to erase the original photos that were too big--you get the picture.  Pun intended. 

So I'll start with our trip to Mt, Baker--in JUNE!  This is unheard of most years.  The road to Artist's Point is generally not plowed before mid-July.  But the Pacific Northwest is currently in the throes of a months' long drought.  The snow pack on Mt. Baker is at an all time low--this after it set the record for the most snowfall in the entire world in the winter of 1998-99.  We made our way to the end of the road thinking we might have to navigate some snowy paths, but we found all paths completely free of snow and the meadows bursting with wildflowers.  This would by a typical scene in mid-September--not in June!  We had a lovely day hiking paths and it gave me a chance to try out my new camera which I am thrilled with!  Here are some samples:

This sculpture of ravens is at the entrance to the Mt. Baker Ski Area

A view on the way up

I love seeing the power behind the formation of these volcanic mountains that line the West Coast

Reflections at the top of the world

Clouds around Mt. Baker--notice the lack of snow

Sample of wildflowers in bloom

Looking back from the trail

Folded back on itself...must have been an amazing sight

And a rainbow on the way back down to top off the day

We need to get back up here soon or all the huckleberries will be gone, they must be ready now since everything is 2-3 months ahead of schedule!


Sherry said...

Welcome back! Gorgeous scenery. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

Les Hon said...

Lovely! So happy for you to have a camera you love! Looking forward to more posts!