Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Movin' Right Along....

I have country in my blood....if you give me a choice between a townhouse in the big city with all the accouterments and a plot of land with a broad view of pasture and a tiny house with just the basics, I'll take the latter.  So it should come as no surprise that I have a yen for tractors, especially old ones.  No I don't have a plot of land, no I have no need for a tractor, but one can always yearn, n'est ce pas?  So a few weeks ago we had a chance to go to Lynden's Antique Tractor Show.  Here's a sampling of what we saw.  It was a great day--hot, sunny, dusty...perfect farm weather!  If you're bored with old farm machinery, you should move on!

There is a "parade" of tractors and other antique machinery.  As they pass the "grandstand", the announcer gives the make, model and year of each entry

Check out this old steam roller

I love this old thing...such classic lines!

 That should be me!

 This one's for Jessi...it's orange!!

 Another beauty "lettin' off steam"

I think this is one of my favorites

 Lined up for duty.

 Then there were the steam powered threshing machines, mighty to behold.  What a boon to farmer's this invention must have been...can you imagine threshing by hand...

 Wheat goes in one end, chaff goes out the other and the wheat berries collect in the special container
 Feeding the beast, takes a lot of heat to produce enough steam to power these machines

From father to son, passing on the heritage...what a treasure.

What a fun day and a glimpse into a life that I'm sure I've romanticized.  I know it's hard, hard work, but what a blessing to have the ability to be in such close harmony with the land and the seasons.  One can still dream....

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Les Hon said...

:) You're a farm girl at heart!