Saturday, April 2, 2016

Further Adventures - Part One

Spring is here and we took advantage of the first sunny days in weeks to go forth.  We headed north first to Crescent Beach, BC, one of our favorite places to enjoy the water.  I love the charming cottages and English style gardens that line the beachfront promenade.

I love this one, so cute.

Even the birds go high class! 

 This place is for sale!  The new owner was there and offering the gazebo to his friend, said "he needed more room!"  I'll take it...hmm. how to get it across the border....  Wouldn't this make a wonderful B & B?  

 There are so many wonderful details to this place.  This is just one of several "gates" surrounding this estate.

 Here's another one!

 They are filming something called "Miranda's Rights" here.  We didn't see any filming or actors, just all their trailers throughout town.

I wonder if you sleep better "within" the circle?
It was a warm, mudluscious, puddlewonderful day and these kids were taking full advantage of it and getting covered in as much mud as possible! 

The intrepid explorer! 

The scenery can't be beat!
There's downtown Vancouver "across the pond" 

And of course there's my artsy-craftsy shot.  All in all a fabulous day.

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Les Hon said...

Lovely!! So nice that you can take off when it is nice...even if it's not the weekend!!