Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Further Adventures - Part Two

From points North on Thursday, went headed to points southwest and decided to spend a day on Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island.  En route to the island we saw an exciting Homeland Security exercise involving about a dozen Coast Guard boats pulling up directly behind the ferry and on loading and off loading people.  Through binoculars we could see dozens of FBI types at the back of the ferry.  Pretty exciting!

After arriving on island, we decided to head south to South Beach, Cattle Point and American Camp, where the Americans encamped during The Pig War.  It seems a trifling matter, but had it escalated, today we could all be having a "cuppa" instead of Starbucks! 

Cattle Point - not sure why it's called cattle, there were none in sight! 

 The Olympic Mountains were "up" as we say here the PNW

 There were hundreds and hundreds of these very large rabbits spread out over the bare fields.  Their holes were everywhere and I can only imagine their warrens rival the NYC subway system.  It's become quite a problem with no real solution.  Although eagles are in abundance, the rabbits only have to go inches to find a hole to hide in, so there is no real threat to them from this predator.
 This is the lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park.  
 This is the lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park.  Quarrying and processing of lime was big business on San Juan Island at Roche Harbor.

 Wally and I have a thing for madrona trees and this one is a beauty.

 Ma and Pa Kettle leave the city behind!

 Actually, we have a thing for all trees,  Look at this monster!

 The Olympics from English Camp on the north end of the island.  The British were much smarter than the Americans.  Their encampment was out of the wind in a sheltered cove!
 Heading back home--I never get tired of photos of Mt. Baker!

 The requisite artsy craftsy shot!
 More Mt. Baker
And that's all she wrote!

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Les Hon said...

What a great day to go to the islands!! Beautiful pictures!!