Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1st -- 34th Anniversary and a Busy People Day

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated in unusual ways.  Our church celebrated Mother's Day today, so that Mom's can spend the official Mother's Day with their own families. The men of our church prepared a fabulous luncheon for the female portion of our congregation!  There was BBQ chicken expertly marinated and prepared by Joel--three kinds:  honey mustard, teriyaki and traditional BBQ sauce.  

There was some important discussion about the which kind was which and whether it was cooked properly.  They commiserated in the kitchen, figuring out what goes where and how.

There was a plethora of fabulous salads all prepared by the men.  

This is Wally's contribution.  He was still cutting up fruit at 10:00pm last night when I went to bed!  He's a night person....I'm not!

Meanwhile, we ladies sat about in leisure and chatted

Don't feel badly, the men waited until we all went thru the line and then they got to eat.  

This is our dear, dear Pastor Bob!

And here he is with wife, Cynthia.  No more amazing pastoral couple has existed in my world!

After this fabulous lunch, we headed north to Ferndale to visit with one of my former library assistants from Sehome High.  She graduated in 2003 and we've kept in touch.  She's a wonderful woman.  I was so impressed by her when she was at Sehome, she was so much more mature than her classmates.  Now a wife to Paul--also a Sehome grad, although they did not fun in the same circles in high school and only connected a few years after graduation.  And she is  Mom to Leo, who's 2, and Zoe who is one month.  They are here visiting Paul's parents and were having a open house so friends could stop by and say hi before they headed back to Denver where they moved 5 years ago.  It was such a treat to see her "all grown up" and to meet her kids.  

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary--spending time with people we love!


Les Hon said...

Happy Anniversary!! And what a lovely Sunday!

Sherry said...

Happy anniversary and Happy Mothers Day! (I'm a little slow reading your blog; better late than never!) Looks like you had a grand time with people you love.