Saturday, May 21, 2016

No Law Against Cuteness!

Remember this post?  Leslie has been such a dear friend over these past 20+ years.  Not only does she supply me with a year's worth of raspberries every summer, she also brought me the Downtown Abbey book to borrow when I was hunkered down on the couch for 2 weeks with this year's viral plague.  How did she know to bring it...I hadn't told her I was sick!

Well now she has the world's cutest baby goats living at her house.  Envy doesn't begin to cover it!  I had the pleasure of visiting them yesterday.  She has four of the cutest goats I've ever seen. They were born on Mother's Day, how appropriate!  Their coloring is so wonderful, ranging from black and white (think "oreo" cows...I know they have some kind of official name, but I think oreo just about covers it!) whose  name is Bo--a la bovine, there is a multi-colored one named Dexter, (correct me, Leslie, if I've got them wrong!), another one that's kind of grey and brown named Abner and a very feminine one named Clementine.  I was hoping Leslie would turn her back for minute so I could abscond with one!  Watching their antics is a never-ending source of joy and entertainment.  I don't know how she gets anything done, you could spend all day laughing at them as they jump, hop, skip, twitch and contort themselves.

Check out the cuteness.  Warning:  the following may cause you to acquire farm animals!

Wannabe Farmer Ridgely holding...I think...Dexter

Lil' Abner

Sweet Clementine...she loves to snuggle


Ever feel like "climbing the walls"?  Abner's giving it a go!

Clementine was intrigued by my shoelaces....

Success!  Pretty impressive since it was a double knot!

They have their own playground.  The teeter-totter is a favorite

This is Bo, see his beautiful blue eye!  I don't think I've ever seen a goat with blue eyes before.

Such a fun time...thank you, Leslie, for letting me live your life vicariously!


Sherry said...

Even I think baby goats are cute. Imagine that! These are especially cute, as you say. Best of all is your face in the first pic. You are obviously in heaven.

Les Hon said...

Great pictures!! You've switched Abner and Dexter, but not bad! They are usually moving en masse so it's hard to get the individual recall. :)

It was such fun to have you sit with me in goat heaven for a while! Thanks for coming!!