Thursday, August 7, 2008

Color Theory

Bear with me, I'm having issues with layout, particularly with the way to edit/move/delete images that I upload. I don't have high speed internet and what I "see" when I compose is not necessarily what I end up with when I "publish"...strange but true. It seems that I can't move pics about at will, so I'll just upload them at the end. Uploading them in the middle of text doesn't seem to work well, so I'll try this.

I have an ongoing love affair with color/light/design. It's an obsession, one could say. I see it everywhere, am drawn to it and can't resist it. I'm sure this is the reason I was drawn to photography in my early 20's and why I am also drawn to quilting and fiber arts---art of any kind, really! I'm an artist at heart!

I also love to cook and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to stroll through the markets and marvel at our Father's use of color and design in food. He could so easily have just left us with the manna of the Old Testament: same old thing day after day. Instead He's given us such an amazing variety of delightful colors, tastes and shapes in food. I was struck by the following images of color in sunlight as I was preparing a meal and just couldn't resist the urge to catch them on "film" and now that I have access to a way to share them, I thought, "why not"! I'll try to add text to each image, but if they don't "line up" in the published post, I apoligize!




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Sherry said...

Nice job with the blog! And the photography! I'm so happy this has finally worked out. I'll be your faithful follower.