Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hinds Feet on High Places

Wally had a rare Saturday off, we we headed up to Mt. Baker to catch the sun. The parking lot at Artist's Point was surrounded by snow. But once you climbed over it, the paths were clear. It was a hot day, bright and glorious and we just happened to time it so that the wildflowers were all in bloom. I'll add pics of those to a separate post.

Evidence of impending fall was everywhere. The spider's are already spinning their webs and the huckleberries are out, but they are just barely turning pink. It will be another month, at least, before they are their signature dark blue and full of sweet, tart flavor.

This little snowguy is only 1' tall!

This one's for you, Sherry!

Tiny pink huckleberries--can you see them?


Sherry said...

Beautiful pix...good job with the camera. Love the spider web shot. And of course the bearded one. Thanks!

Jessica Whitaker said...

Daddy looks cute on the mountain, I'm pretty sure that's the same outfit he wore when we used to go to Artist's Pointe when I was 8. :)

Pretty pics Mom, wish I was closer so I could go to the mountain with offense to Mt. Hood but it's really not very pretty or exciting.