Monday, August 11, 2008

Wally and the.....beanstalk?

Our rental home comes complete with a funky old "playhouse", a term loosely applied to the dark, spider-filled, two-story contraption that was built by the former owners. No child in its right mind would entertain the thought of entering it. We did have a family of raccoons--two huge adults and 4 babies--who thought it was a grand condo. Cute as they were, we needed to discourage their residency and had to board it up.

Years ago I decided the playhouse would look great with some nice flowering vines growing up its sides, so I planted a couple of clematis plants at its base. Little did I know that this particular clematis was kin to kudzu...not really, but it ought to be. They grow at an alarming rate and soon took over not only the playhouse, but also most of the trees growing behind the playhouse. Who knows what other unsuspecting passersby may have succumbed!

It became apparent that drastic measures needed to be taken, so Wally bravely attacked these massive plants and soon had them tamed into manageable size. The result was a huge tangle of intertwined vines. Where is Andy Goldsworthy when you need him?

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Sherry said...

It looks as though Wally's beard has grown!