Monday, October 20, 2008

"Almost" Dog #2

Our neighbor, Jeanne, called yesterday and wanted to know if Palmer could come over and show us his new toy! Who's Palmer? He's their dog...we sort of share Palmer! Sadly, our lives aren't conducive to dog ownership (we are gone for 9+ hours a day, Mon.-Fri.), but Jeanne has always graciously shared her pets with us. Palmer joined their family about 2 years ago as a wee pup full of energy. He's still a wee pup inside and still full of energy. We babysit him occasionally and whenever he gets the chance to "escape" from his house, he makes a beeline to our front door and when let in, immediately goes to his "toy box" to find whatever treat he can grab. Then he and Wally wrestle over it--Palmer thinks Wally is another dog!

So Palmer came over and showed us his new Dracula toy, which says "I vant to suck your blood" whenever Palmer clamps down on his mid-section...too funny.

I love it that God continues to give me the desires of my heart by bringing dogs into my life in such creative ways!

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