Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's homecoming week at Sehome High! Each day kids (and some whacky staff ) dress up for a different theme. Today is "fictional character" day and my friend Jill went all out! Jill LOVES Disneyworld, makes a visit at least once a year with her grandkids and she probably owns every Micky/Minnie trinket ever made! Jill is very special to me, she is one of the few staff members who meet once a week at 6:30 am to pray with me for our school which is undergoing some trials and tribulations.

The kids are not deterred, however! They went all out decorating the main hall and student lounge area. The senior class won hands down for their depiction of the jungle theme. We have some really creative students!

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Jessica Whitaker said...

No offense to your "creative students" but we had that theme when I was a senior and we had a rolling ball like Indiana Jones, and Indiana Jones himself "flying/running" away from the ball as well as the jeep! Another example of how Sehome will never quite meet up with Squalicum :) We won also, Jenaya, Chelsea and I were hands down the best vine makers ever!