Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Winter Poem

The weather and the dark are working together to derail my optimism, so I decided to compose a ditty to rally my spirits.
by Ridgely
Winter solstice…winter solstice, what does it really mean?
Darkness all morning, premature gloaming, and all that rain in-between.
Sun has descended, moods are amended, incentive has sunk to the deep.
Nights pass too slowly, light seems almost holy, and the brain is perpetually asleep….
But wait--day is dawning, there’ll be a new morning, on the horizon I see a new year
On December 21st, we’re released from the curse…this pattern repeats, never fear!
So cease all your whining, the sun will start climbing, hope is a season called spring,
Days will grow longer; the sun will seem stronger and you’ll dream of having a fling.
Clouds will disperse, summer will rehearse, the aches in your joints will disappear,
Birds will start calling, buds will stop stalling, your senses will suddenly feel clear.
So rail not at the dark, the sun’s hit its mark and its inevitable climb is at hand
The skies will be blue, flowers will open on cue and it all happens just as He planned!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Nice work! I'm impressed than anyone can write a poem longer than two lines, but you've gone well beyond the requirement to impress me. Since we had sunny weather today, I can't relate. =)