Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain By Any Other Name Is Still Water

I was on my way out the door early this morning to meet my prayer partner at school at 6:30 am when I noticed 3 messages on my answering machine. I missed them while I was in the shower. Lo and behold the messages informed me that school was cancelled due to flooding! Hmmm, I thought, it did rain hard last night, but Bellingham is not on a river. And we've never cancelled school because of rain. I turned on cable news and lo and behold there were pics of B'ham with closed road signs and a report that we had declared a weather emergency. I looked out the window and my street looks fine; Wally made it to work fine. But apparently there is bad flooding somewhere where school buses must go, so we will be making up yet another day at the end of the year. Guess I'll go outside and build a waterman.

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Sherry said...

When you get the waterman built, post a picture!