Monday, February 23, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

This unassuming little pot of pansies has been through quite a lot. It's spent the entire winter on my deck and thus has endured multiple heavy snowfalls, weeks of temperatures in the teens, incessant rain and endless heavy morning frosts. And yet, here it is, blooming its little heart out. I am inspired! I see this pot every morning as I stand at the kitchen sink and ponder what may lie ahead for me and my family in the next 6 months. Our state budget is a disaster and cuts to our schools are going to be deep. Jess is only a "provisional" employee. In Oregon, teachers must have 3 years under their belts before they have a "continuing" contract--this is only her 2nd year. So her job will most likely disappear. My job, as well as Wally's, may very likely disappear. We are committed to "not being anxious about anything" and we will endeavor to "give thanks in everything" and by His grace will bloom in spite of our circumstances.

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