Thursday, February 26, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

I'm beginning to think I need to switch my knitting focus to spring/summer items and give up on winter. The last time I finished a project, a wool hat, we had a terrible windstorm with very cold temps. But then spring decided to tease us a bit and we've had a couple of weeks of temps in the mid-50's. Warm enough that I decided to plant my sweet pea seeds. Then...I finished this:

An entrelac scarf with Noro's Silk Garden yarn, also another winter item and last night we had this:

And today it's about 26 degrees out and we have about 8" of snow on the ground and the roads are SOLID ice. Getting to work today was just loads of fun. What is it about SUV drivers that makes them think they are invincible? They were spinning out on the freeway right and left, driving too fast, braking too hard and making the conditions for the rest of us very, very difficult. I counted 16 of them in the ditch on my way here. Arrgghhh....


Jessica Whitaker said...

I think that scarf should be for your beautiful daughter :)

Les Hon said...

Beautiful, beautiful scarf! You are such an accomplished knitter...Maybe I could bring my problems to you...when I decide to make something more challenging than garter stitch scarves! :D