Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Little Tree That Could

Once upon a time, Betty Whitaker gave Ridgely a small twig. It was a gift, a cutting from one of Betty's Dogwood Trees. It wasn't an impressive twig. However, it's plain outward appearance belied it's inward beauty. Ridgely took this gift so lovingly bestowed upon her and carried it home where she placed it in a glass of water and waited for the magic to happen. She waited patiently until one day she noticed small roots growing out of the bottom of the homely twig.

As soon as the weather permitted, she dug a small hole in her yard and planted the twig. She spoke words of encouragement to it and even played soft classical music for it, because she had heard that plants, like people, respond to beauty. Ridgely's family snickered at her, but she was not deterred.

At the end of that growing season, the little twig had responded to the warmth of the sun and the life-giving water ( and no doubt to the words of encouragement and the classical music!) by sprouting tender leaves. Ridgely enthusiastically observed the twig as it thrived and grew. After several springs she was thrilled to see that the little twig was producing blossoms. And the little twig was thrilled to declare, "I'm not a twig anymore, I'm a tree."


Jessica Whitaker said...

YAY!! It's a real tree :) Good job Mom! Thank you Grandma!

Sherry said...

One word: WOW!

Jessica Whitaker said...

You know I was thinking about it, and I bet Grandma is super proud of you, and I'm sure she's laughing at Dad because he made such a stink about the whole thing. You know how she always enjoyed proving him wrong...although really who doesn't enjoy that with dad!