Monday, May 11, 2009

Work and Play

It was a beautiful weekend and we managed to cram a lot into it. Saturday was cloudless and warm, so we tackled some long overdue yard work. I had to chuckle at Sherry's recent post about the new "gadget" Mauri has acquired for his yard work. (See "cutting edge" And I can't resist adding a pic of our handy dandy edging tool!

On Mother's Day we drove up to Semiahmoo to walk the beach. It was a hazy, humid day, warm enough for shirt sleeves and a long, leisurely walk along the beach. We saw a plethora of wildlife including a curlew--our first. There were lots of sea ducks, herons and a juvenile seal who was having the time of his/her life leaping out of the water, turning sommersaults and flapping its flipper on the water...that's the first time I've seen anything like that. Just as we were leaving at dusk an eagle landed on the snag tree next to our car and I was able to get a quick, blurry shot of him as well as the little bunny that was working hard not to be the eagle's appetizer.

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Sherry said...

Your edger befits the youthfulness of its owners.