Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hangin' Out

One of my favorite "chores" during summer break is hanging clothes on the line. This activity appeals to me on so many levels: it's meditative; I love being out in the crisp breeze in the early morning hours; wildlife seems undeterred by my presence (birds dip in the birdbath only 5' from me, raccoons trot through the yard on their way to the cherry tree) and no matter what chaos is going on in the rest of the world, I can still order my wet clothes--shirts, pants, socks...very fulfilling!
So it's no surprise that I tend to gravitate to art that deals with laundry day, and my latest addition is a "landscape" quilt that I've just finished. It's one of Ryan McKenna's designs and was really fun to put together and looks fabulous when completed, mostly because it's a great design and the batik fabric does all the "work". I like it so much that I'm working on another of her designs that includes my other passion....sheep (not only are they darned cute, they are a renewable resource as any knitter will tell you!). Stay tuned.....

The clothes on the line are actually separate from the rest of the quilt...3D if you will!


Sherry said...

Will you bring it with you when you come? I would love a 3-D view of it!

Les Hon said...

Oh my! Beautiful!!! You do lovely work, Ridgely...I love that quilt!!
And I agree about hanging out the laundry...the only problem I have is taking it in...Then it just becomes laundry again -- just not as much fun as hanging it in the breeze and the sun.

Flower said...

I really appreciate your comment on my blog..and it's nice to find out that there are people reading it! The book, Prayer Power, is easy to read and is a helpful tool.
Your quilt is beautiful! I would enjoy seeing it up close! The little dresses must make it very touchable!
Clothesline therapy...very healthy!!