Monday, August 31, 2009

Kind Of Blue.....

No, not Miles Davis!
No, not ennui!
It's a blue ribbon! I won a blue ribbon! My very first ever!

Yes, I'm unabashedly tooting my own horn here, but you've got to appreciate the history. I've never been particularly good at using my hands: I received terrible marks in penmanship, never could type very fast, and generally have issues with anything that requires small motor coordination! For years I avoided knitting because I was sure I would be terrible at it. Shortly after Jess was born I decided to make a leap and I took knitting lessons from a kind and patient woman and I was hooked. I wasn't terribly good at it, but I had come to peace with my lack of perfection and just enjoyed the process.
So...when my good friend Lynn suggested I enter something into the Northwest Washington Fair held each year in Lynden, I stuttered and back stepped and said, "Oh no, my things are not fair quality." But she kept goading me and I decided to give it a try. I won 3 ribbons! A blue, a red and a patriotic! And they even give you money! Who knew? I contemplated quitting my day job, images of me spending delightful days knitting a myriad of objects flashed through my head until I did the math and figured I'd be making about 2 cents/hr. at it. Ah well, the check paid for the gas up to the fair, I guess!
And about the fair, I had no idea that such things even existed until I moved here in 1978. Surely there must have been a state fair in Maryland where I grew up, but I never heard about it! I LOVE the fair. We spend hours there touring every building, spending extra time in the sheep exhibits, the draft horses (BIG horsies!!), the cows, the bunnies and of course the needlework exhibits. I envy the farm kids who raise animals and enter them in the fair, how fun and rewarding that must be. Almost as rewarding as winning your first blue ribbon at age 61!


Doodle said...

That's so cool Ridge - I really admire you. You have such a gift for doing what you love beautifully. McCartney LOVES the quilt you made her. She plays peek a boo with it everyday! love lots, Eliza

Les Hon said...

Congratulations, my dear!! How much fun is that!! I saw your lovely hat there, but didn't know it was yours...It is fun to win ribbons, isn't it? :D

Flower said...

Hi Ridge, We went to the Oregon State Fair yesterday and I looked to see if you had anything there! (I didn't know where in the Pacific Northwest you lived.)
Your knitting is very nice! Keep at it!! Fairs are a perfect place to gain encouragement!!
Love your post about Mauri and Sherry! They are special!