Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blow By Blow

It's very, very windy today. That in and of itself isn't so unusual, but the timing is unforunate since one of our 4 middle schools here in Bellingham caught fire about 1:00 am and is still burning. It started on the roof (where welders were working until late last night) but quickly spread to the top floor. The roof and other parts of the building have collapsed. Water from firehoses is seen running out of the building. This is particularly sad as this is one of our oldest and grandest schools and it's future will now be uncertain; and in these tough economic times, it will not bode well for next year's budget and even more job cuts. And where will all those teachers and 500+ students go come Monday when all schools are already at capacity?

Fodder for prayer.

Here are some pics from today's Bellingham Herald:

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