Monday, November 23, 2009

Felting Frenzy

I have been hooked on felting projects this fall. I love felting, it's such a magical process. Generally your pre-felted project looks like a shapeless blob with no hint of its eventual outcome. It's amazing what a little hot water and agitation will do. Voila....felted pumpkins...just in time for Thanksgiving...and........nesting felted bowls! What does one do with nesting felted bowls? I haven't a clue! But it's a great way to use up leftover yarn!


Sherry said...

oh you are so clever. i love these but can't imagine the patience it must take to produce them. I'll just stand back and watch you work.

Christina said...

These bowls are amazing!!
Lovely work.

Les Hon said...

I think you will need to give me lessons...I LOVE felted items, and have a hankerin' to make them... Now I have found a potential teacher...mwahaahaa!!!