Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Further Adventures....

We left DesMoines Monday afternoon and headed south.  We stopped in Centralia just to get a quick snack at Burgerville (rosemary fries...that's what I'm talkin' 'bout) and happened upon an amazing sight 

Here's the scoop: Richard Tracy, a retired art instructor, began his venture in 1985 by building sculptures out of styrofoam. Today his pieces of yard art are made from a variety of plastics, metal, wire and rubber and completely engulf his living quarters. As interesting as the yard art is, so too is the character behind the art. Rich Art, as he prefers to be called, is serious about his hobby. He is willing to share, but one must have an appointment during the off season. He is open to the public between Memorial Day and Labor Day. He says he doesn't do it for a living ... he does it to live! [Vernadel Nelson, 10/26/2002]  Unfortunately, he was not open the day we were there, so we didn't get the "tour".

We have arrived in Newberg and have caught up with Jessi and Josh who continue to maintain schedules that make me tired just listening to them.  We made plans to meet Jessi at her classroom this morning so we could help.  Teachers definitely don't make enough $$!  We were busy from 8:30 to 5:00 pm and that was just doing simple tasks.  She was simultaneously giving us instructions, giving the kids instructions, organizing the next tasks for the day, organizing her materials, answering questions from 3 kids at the same time and keeping her eye on the clock so they weren't late for lunch/recess/library, etc. 

Tonight we drove into Portland to have dinner and enjoy the jazz quartet at Jimmy Mac's.  If you get there during "happy hour", you can get an amazing meal for only $5.00 and then sit and wait for the jazz to start.  This was a special treat for me from Jessi because she knows how I love jazz.  This quartet did not disappoint, all four musicians (piano, bass, drums and guitar) were accomplished players and composers. 

Our host and hostess for this week are actually not here, but they let us invade their home anyway.  They are in Florida enjoying this weather:

(Photo from Sherry and her blog)

Meanwhile, today we had temps in the 30's and hail and snow!  Hmmmm.....

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aimee said...

Have a great time in Oregon! Hopefully the snow, hail and freezing temps have come to an end now:)
Your photos and posts have me craving Burgerville rosemary fries (big time YUMMY)and microwave cheese now! I believe the latter shall be my snack tonight!
Enjoy your visit with your family!