Monday, April 4, 2011

Ma and Pa Hoyt-Whitaker Go to the City

The high school where I work is on spring break this week and for the first time in 5+ years my husband also has the time off.  So, we are travelling down to the Portland area to visit our daughter....together!  We decided to make the drive in stages and stopped at Wayne's place just south of Seattle.  Wayne is Wally's Dad who moved west of the Cascades about 5 years ago after his wife passed away. 
Wayne's duplex is located in a really charming residential neighborhood and his neighbors appreciate is quirky sense of humor.  "Ralph" welcomes all visitors as they walk up to the front door!
Wayne was really excited to show us his newest discovery....microwave cheese.  It's a very complicated and time-consuming process to make this delicacy.  You place a small cube of cheese on parchment paper, place it on the outside circumference of the rotating wheel in you microwave and zap it for about 2 minutes and have crunchy, delicious, lacey cheese discs...most addicting.
Of course there was the inevitable perusing of the newest computer games....I bring knitting!

Then it was time to head to sister Kris' place for the fabulous dinner she and hubby Paul had been busy preparing for us! 

 Recognize those cheese discs?!  These are made with die for.

 And the piece de resistance....pumpkin pie with DQ soft serve, whipped cream and caramel sauce!

Think of all the money we saved not having to eat out and here's Krissi using her special change jar which counts her money for her......"my precious....."  :)

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