Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Bash

Once a year the whole Whitaker clan gets together to celebrate birthdays enmasse.  This year we rented the cabana at Kris' condo and had a great afternoon enjoying the one day of sun that we have had in the past 8 weeks...not that I'm whining or anything.  After enjoying the sun on the patio for a bit we chowed down on the plethora of enticing items to choose from:  spaghetti, ribs, chicken, salad and a multi-tiered chocolate cake from Costco which I don't have a picture of 'cause Terry didn't send it to me! 

This is Wayne, Wally's Dad.  If apples don't fall far from the trees, I'm in big trouble!

It's chow down time, Kris is making sure that Wally doesn't take it all.

There's a hot tub in the cabana and Ian and Becca spent almost their entire afternoon in there, only pausing long enough to eat.

And then there's the gene pool.....scary!

The bathing beauties.

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