Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Eye of the Beholder

One of our favorite yearly events in B'ham is the Welding Rodeo at the technical college.  No horses, cows, or cowboys involved, however.  It's a sculpture competition that takes place over two days.

Saturday is the competion between the professional teams who come from far and wide, one team from Denmark competes every year!  I am always amazed at what these teams can come up with in just 8 hours.  Here's a few photos of my favorites from this year's competion:

 This was done by a high school team and won 2nd place in Friday's division!

 Not a male only event!
 First place winner in Friday's competion

 I love this one of Mt. Baker!

 We loved the concept of this one, but wish they had used something smaller for the trunk, it's too disproportionate.

Done at last!

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