Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Showers Bring....

Bridal Showers!  I made a quick trip to Portland on Saturday so I could be a guest at Jessi's bridal shower which was hosted by her cadre of wonderful friends.  They did such a great job of decorating and hosting, it was a perfect event suited to Jessi.

 The food was scrumptious:  homemade crumpets with an assortment of toppings, a chickpea and chicken salad with pesto dressing and homemade tarts by the master baker, Molly!
 There was tea and someone even decorated the cream and milk containers...cute!
 And of course the opening of all the presents....

 and cards....
 and the ceremonial making of the "bouquet", masterfully accomplished by Katie Heater.
 Suitable for 5th Avenue, NYC!
And the whole crew....mother's-in-law-to-be are in the top left and right corners!  I'm so glad I was able to be there and to celebrate this special time in her life....even if I am the only one with grey hair! 

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