Monday, December 22, 2008

The Iceman Cometh--with snow....

The "December Storm" in the Pacific Northwest has brought daily flakes from the sky and we now have a foot+ accumulation on the ground and the temps have hovered around 20 for the high and 10-18 for the low for over a week. Fortunately, our schools are on winter break, or we'd be making up snow days for this until mid-July! It's not too bad getting around in it because it's a very dry snow, which is atypical for this area. It reminds me a lot of my Denver days. But....most people here are not used to driving in snow since we don't get it that often and it generally doesn't stick around long....until now! It has, however, wreaked havoc on travelers by plane and train as both are currently not running with no estimated time for renewal of service. My heart goes out to those stuck in airports or train stations and I am so very thankful that Jess made it home from Portland on the 2nd to last train to leave that station since Saturday. Her train was 3 hours late getting in because the switches were frozen and they would have to stop the train and get out and thaw them by hand!


Les Hon said...

I am jealous of your snowfall accumulation...Up here in the north country, we seem to be the "donut hole" for snowfall amounts...Much more north and south of us...boohoo! We have small drifts and grass poking through elsewhere...Oh well, it still looks Christmasy, and we aren't having trouble driving.
So glad your Jess got home in the nick of time too! : )

Ridge said...

Hey dear friend,

I can't believe you guys don't have snow...maybe it all blew down here! It just keeps coming and coming. I think they are predicting more for today and tomorrow...yikes.